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We serve a variety of businesses throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Whether you are a chain, a restaurant, a local shop or coffee shop – we’d love to talk to you about our wholesale range.

Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
1062White T Cake6
1073Brown T Cake6
1080Current T Cake6
1103Granary T Cake6
1068Fish Bap4
1061Oven CakesIndividual
2086White Roll4
2108Brown Roll4
1075Granary Roll4
1105Custom W T Cake8
1073Custom Brown T cake8
1099Custom Current T Cake8
1066White Bap8
1078Brown Bap8
1117Cheese Bap6
1113/1085White Budgets8 OR 10
1114/1072Brown Budgets8 OR 10
1115/1086Current Budgets8 OR 10
1064White Dinner Bun12
1077Brown Dinner Bun12
1063Small Bridge Roll12
1101Large Bridge Roll8
1110White Sub Roll4
1067Brown Sub Roll4
1808Granary Sub Roll4
1014Part Baked Vienna (Pannini)Individual
1070Sesame Seed Bun6
1081Iced French FingersIndividual
1091Hot Cross Buns4
1097Hadfields Iced Danish PastryIndividual
1812Plain SconeIndividual
1089Sultana SconeIndividual
1076Cherry SconeIndividual
1646Brown SconeIndividual
1111Cheese SconeIndividual
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
1524Medium Cheese & OnionIndividual
1458Medium Cheese & BaconIndividual
1525Medium Bacon & EggIndividual
1869Medium Cheese & TomatoIndividual
1870Medium Mixed PepperIndividual
1872Medium Mixed PepperIndividual
1841Medium Broccoli & BrieIndividual
1453Large Cheese & OnionIndividual
1454Large Bacon Cheese & EggIndividual
1840Large Cheese & TomatoIndividual
1839Large Broccoli & BrieIndividual
1607Large Meat & Potato PieIndividual
1608Large Steak & Onion PieIndividual
2226Steak & Onion Pick Up PieIndividual
2227Meat & Potato Pick Up PieIndividual
1652Curried Root Pick Up PieIndividual
2055Spinach & Feta PieIndividual
1600Broster’s Pork PieIndividual
1618Pulled Steak BakeIndividual
1612Chicken & MushroomIndividual
1613Chicken & BaconIndividual
1621Medium Corn Beef PastieIndividual
1637Large Corn Beef PastieIndividual
1619Cheese & OnionIndividual
1094Small Sausage RollIndividual
1640Large Sausage RollIndividual
1651Walnut and Mushroom RollIndividual
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
1205Small Apple Pie
1534Medium Apple Pie
1221Catering Apple Pie
1207Small Blueberry Pie
1557Medium Blueberry Pie
1222Catering Blueberry Pie
1212Small Rhubarb Pie
1558Medium Rhubarb Pie
1827Catering Rhubarb Pie
1227Small Cherry Pie
1561Medium Cherry Pie
1828Catering Cherry
1209Chocolate Crispies
1201Jam Shortbread
1202Current Pastie
2233Granola Flapjack
1231Gingerbread Men
1178Chocolate Brownie
2243Chocolate & Orange Brownie
1548Salted Caramel Muffins
1553Chocolate Muffin
1193Sparkle Buns
1909Buttercream Cupcake
1232Guest Cupcake
1530Carrot Cake Square
1182Coconut Sponge Square
2075Rainbow Cake
1189Lemon Drizzle Slice
1213Russian Slice
1219Caramel Shortbread
2242White Chocolate Millionaires
1219Caramel Tiffin
1185Individual Almond Tart
1188Rum Truffles
1148Vanilla Truffles
1181Eccles Cakes
1143Vanilla Splits
1133Vanilla Slices
1080Small Custards
1098Large Custards
1146Manchester Tart
1121F/C Éclair
2244F/C Raspberry & Jam Eclair
1159F/C Strawberry Tart
2246F/C Toffee Apple Tart
1154F/C Sultana Scone
11315.5” Round Plain F/C Sponge
11325.5” Round Chocolate F/C Sponge
1089Sultana Scone
1076Cherry Scone
1646Brown Scone
1111Cheese Scone
1812Plain Scone
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size

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